The truth about CBD oil and the benefits for cancer and anxiety victims

More and more people are turning to CBD, or Cannabidiol oil, as an alternative treatment for ailments which are otherwise incurable. It is also known to improve brain function and improve physical attributes such as hair and skin [1]. Besides having a positive impact on a number of illnesses, the oil has become the preferred therapy in a number of marijuana dispensaries and shops across the globe. Even though the marijuana plant comprises of both Cannabidiol and the high inducing THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, most dispensaries prefer to sell the latter since it relaxes users which is medically relevant for a number of ailments.

The Cannabis flower is too potent to be ingested whole. That is where the oil comes into the picture, which when extracted from the flower, removes all harmful aspects that smoking, eating or vaping the flower can result in. Cannabinoids are located in the resin glands or the trichomes of the female weed plant while trichomes or THC crystals are the defense mechanisms which protect the plant against winged predators besides aiding in pollination.

What most people are not aware of is that the trichomes also comprise of a rich concentration of cannabinoid oil which differs from plant to plant [2]. The ingredients can be purified via a specific production process which can also have an effect on its potency and dosage. Besides saving money, the process can also determine the amount necessary to achieve a required effect. At present, most dispensaries are concentrating their efforts to reduce dosage and increase potency in a bid to regulate supply and demand. In addition, with its lack of smoke, CBD oil can be used in public, albeit with some discretion.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety

The above mentioned benefits of CBD oil are the main reasons why this plant is now being used to treat a number of disorders, with anxiety at the top of the list. According to marijuana advocates, the chemical makeup of the plant is ideal when it comes to treating disorders such as acute anxiety but others are of the belief that the opposite is the case. The components in the plant and how they are utilized during oil manufacturing can result in one or the other. Read more…