The truth about CBD oil and the benefits for cancer and anxiety victims

More and more people are turning to CBD, or Cannabidiol oil, as an alternative treatment for ailments which are otherwise incurable. It is also known to improve brain function and improve physical attributes such as hair and skin [1]. Besides having a positive impact on a number of illnesses, the oil has become the preferred therapy in a number of marijuana dispensaries and shops across the globe. Even though the marijuana plant comprises of both Cannabidiol and the high inducing THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, most dispensaries prefer to sell the latter since it relaxes users which is medically relevant for a number of ailments.

The Cannabis flower is too potent to be ingested whole. That is where the oil comes into the picture, which when extracted from the flower, removes all harmful aspects that smoking, eating or vaping the flower can result in. Cannabinoids are located in the resin glands or the trichomes of the female weed plant while trichomes or THC crystals are the defense mechanisms which protect the plant against winged predators besides aiding in pollination.

What most people are not aware of is that the trichomes also comprise of a rich concentration of cannabinoid oil which differs from plant to plant [2]. The ingredients can be purified via a specific production process which can also have an effect on its potency and dosage. Besides saving money, the process can also determine the amount necessary to achieve a required effect. At present, most dispensaries are concentrating their efforts to reduce dosage and increase potency in a bid to regulate supply and demand. In addition, with its lack of smoke, CBD oil can be used in public, albeit with some discretion.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety

The above mentioned benefits of CBD oil are the main reasons why this plant is now being used to treat a number of disorders, with anxiety at the top of the list. According to marijuana advocates, the chemical makeup of the plant is ideal when it comes to treating disorders such as acute anxiety but others are of the belief that the opposite is the case. The components in the plant and how they are utilized during oil manufacturing can result in one or the other.

Medical cannabis has more than 80 compounds which are known as cannabinoids which can have an effect on the receptors in our brain that are in search of similar compounds [3]. The latter occur naturally in the body and some strains of medical cannabis are specifically bred to comprise of certain levels of each to combat a number of different ailments. However, CBD or Cannabidiol is the compound that was found to have an acute effect on those suffering from anxiety. This includes treating anti-spasm, pain and anti-inflammatory effects.

In addition, since CBD oil does not make users ‘high’ and can actually counteract the anxiety producing tendencies of THC, this component has a wider medical benefit. As mentioned before, since it does not have to be smoked like most marijuana based products, it can be administered discretely to children who are suffering from such behavioral issues. This also ensures that patients are administered regular and times doses that can keep their anxiety at bay so much so that their condition goes unnoticed, thus ensuring they are able to enjoy a normal lifestyle.

How CBD Oil is made

Before we can discuss how the oil is made, it is necessary to understand the main raw ingredient used in its manufacture. In the cannabis industry, there are two main plants that come up frequently: hemp and drug based plants. The former are specifically grown for oil and fiber, while the latter comprise of euphoric plats such as THC and non-euphoric plants such as CBD rich ones.

The main difference between the two lies in their resin content; hemp plants have low resin content while the drug plants have high content. The industrial variety of the former is typically grown and harvested for a number of industrial uses because of this feature.

It all comes down to supply and demand. One of the main advantages of CBD over THC oil is that hemp plants have higher CBD content which is legal in most parts of the world. Since the plant is used in the manufacture of a number of industrial products, the waste of the plant which is used to make CBD oil is not going to run out anytime soon. Plus since this waste is free of all active components that can make the plant lethal or hallucinatory, it can be used as raw material to produce the oil without concerns. [4]

The oil is manufactured in a number of different ways once the strain is selected. Each method has its own pros and cons but the purest variety of the oil is best purchased from non-commercial producers. Those who wish to treat anxiety with CBD oil have to understand that it all depends on the dosage. According to research, THC can increase anxiety levels once a certain level passes so those who wish to treat this disorder need to search for oil that has high compounds of CBD.

CBD Oil has also been proven effective as an anti-depressant in a study that used animals; those that were given the oil showed lower anxiety and depression levels compared to those that were not given a dose. [5] However, even though results have shown otherwise, some experts believe that it can worsen anxiety if it is used for extended periods. However, since there is a lack of proof in this matter, CBD oil still reigns supreme as a viable method to abate the harmful effects of mental disorders and ultimately cure them.

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